Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need Facebook to create a CLINK account?

We use Facebook to make sure you are matched with real people. This also creates additional accountability for users' actions. We will never post anything to your Facebook without your explicit consent.


How do I form/edit a Group?

You can form/edit a Group with the Form Group button on the top right corner of the Party Map Screen. Please note only Group Leader can edit the Group.


How are Groups connected?

If any of the Group Members of opposing sides “liked” each other, the 2 Groups will be connected.


Do I need to enable GPS to use CLINK?

Not necessarily, but GPS is recommended for ease of use and quality location matches.


How are the hotspots formed on the map?

A red hotspot is formed when multiple users selected that approximate vicinity as their preferred hangout.


Can I view more details of a particular party/event?

You can view more details by clicking on the black popup bubble of the respective events on the Party Map or the Events & Offers list.


What are the controls on the discovery results screen?

Anonymously like/pass profiles with the check-mark and cross at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the picture to view the profile’s detailed info. Tap the send gift button to send a gift. Tap the red “Party Map” button to refine your search criteria.


I liked a profile and there isn’t a match yet, can I send a gift to speed up the process?

Nope, you can only send gifts before you “like” or “pass” the profile.


Can I choose whom to receive gifts from?

You can select whether to receive gifts from everyone, from males only, or from females only in ”edit profile” in the navigation menu.


A match disappeared in my chat room and matched list, what happened

The chatroom may have expired, or the other party has unmatched you.


How do I turn on/off notifications from CLINK?

You can do so in your “edit profile” page (click on your own pic in the navigation menu). We highly recommend you to turn on push notifications so that you can receive timely gifts/messages from your matches. We will only send you quality notifications that matter to you.


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